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Capricorn Coast National Parks

Capricorn Coast

Blackdown Tableland National Park
Blackdown Tableland rises above the plain as an area of sandstone scenery, intersected with waterfalls and gorges.

Byfield State Forest
Cycads, creeks and mountains in this forest.

Byfield National Park
A coastal park with sand dunes, granite pinnacles and remote coast camping.

Cania Gorge National Park
Sandstone cliffs, caves, eucalypt on this sandstone belt.

Capricorn Coast national Park
A range of vegetation types.

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Expedition National Park
A protected mature spotted gum forest and the Sandy Robinson Gorge.

Kroombit Tops National Park
A mountain area with sandstorm cliffs and gorges and rises to 900m at the Kroombit Tops Plateau.

Minerva National park
The scenery was formed by intense volcanic activity and dominated by Mt Boorambool and Mt Zamia.

Mt Archer National Park
Mt Archer rises to 600 metre with a mix of open an tropical forest and close to Rockhampton. A good area for hiking.

Mt Etna Caves National Park
Mt Etan is a roosting site for for bent - wing bats that live in the many caves.

Mt Jim Crow National Park
A volcanic dome covered in vines and hoop pines and the Aboriginal legend has it that the mountain was created by the Rainbow Serpent.

Lake Nuga Nuga National Park
Lake Nuga Nuga is in the Arcadia Valley and is guarded by the Aboriginal Dreamtime Rainbow Serpents who live under the two peaks that dominate the northern shoreline.


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