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Great Keppel Island

Capricorn Coast

Great Keppel Island is fifteen kilometres off the "Capricorn Coast"'. Originally known as Wapparaburra by the local aborigines, whose history here dates back 4,500 years, the island was given its European name by Captain Cook as he sailed by in 1770.

Great Keppel Island is about 1500 hectares in size and has 17 sandy beaches. It is an island for relaxing on the beautiful beaches, diving, or enjoying various types of water sports.

To reach the island, take a launch from Rosslyn Bay, south of Yeppoon. Launches are frequent and take only 45 minutes to reach the island. To reach Rosslyn Bay, there are bus services from Yeppoon and from Rockhampton.


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There are also flights from Rockhampton to Great Keppel Island. There are other islands in the Keppel Group which can be visited. Vehicles can be left in the Great Keppel Island Security Car Park where transfers are organised to Rosslyn Bay Harbour and Keppel Bay Marina.


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