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Capricorn Coast guide

Capricorn Coast

Capricorn Coast is located in Queensland Australia with Rockhampton being the major city. The Capricorn Coast straddles the Tropic of Capricorn. An area made up of small coastal towns and islands, the major one being Great Keppell Island. The major towns are Rockhampton, Gladstone and Yeppoon. The Capricorn Coast eguide also includes some of the inland areas which are not on the coast but in this area such as Emerald and Carnarvon Gorge.

The Capricorn Coast has deserted beaches, sparkling white sands and small seaside villages. It is several hundred kilometres north of Brisbane in some of Australia 's most beautiful coastline.

The Great Keppell Islands are part of the Capricorn Coast that stretches 16 km from Yeppoon to Emu Park . These islands are incredible and offer everything from beach resorts to camping facilities. Here you can experience the natural wonders of snorkeling among the underwater sea life. There are many diverse places to stay. Try an island or beachside resort that offers all the water sports, and horse riding. Or rent a yacht for a couple of days and truly explore the islands off this beautiful part of central Queensland 's coastline.

Try staying in one of the quirky bed and breakfasts or rent a beachside holiday home. can help you with all hotel reservations and offers. If you feel like travelling further north just follow the Bruce Highway for about 1,000 kilometres and you will find yourself in Cairns. There are plenty of options when it comes to Cairns accommodation ranging from backpackers to 5 star resorts.


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Capricorn Coast in a day

The Capricorn Coast is located on the Central Queensland coast and is so named after the Tropic of Capricorn that runs through the centre of the area. The tropical area is generally considered to include Shoalwater Bay in the north, Fitzroy River to the south and Rockhampton to the west. Since Yeppoon is the largest town on the coast, we are going to concentrate our efforts on spending the day exploring the town and its surrounding area.

Yeppon beach

Just a 30 minute glide across the waters from Yeppoon lies Great Keppel Island, one of the most famous islands on the Great Barrier Reef and the biggest of the Keppel group of islands that were named by Captain Cook himself. There are half day tours that take off from Pier One in town and take you to Great Keppel Island. From there you will board a glass bottomed boat to see the world’s most impressive coral formations and tropical fish as well as the chance to snorkel the waters. When you get back to the island and board the ferry back to the mainland, you will be served with a delicious lunch out on the water.

When you arrive back at Yeppoon, you are going to head out to the Bruce Highway where the Dreamtime Cultural Centre offers Australia’s largest indigenous attraction. Guided tours throughout the centre include a highlight of watching a didgeridoo performance inside a cave and learning the different techniques that are used to produce the fascinating animal sounds. The Djarn Djarn dancers do scheduled performances at the centre and perform traditional dances acting out Dreamtime stories for the public. Have you always wanted to know how to correctly throw a boomerang? There are few things cooler than perfecting this skill and your guide will teach you the secrets to the technique during your visit. The Torres Strait Islander people are very distinct to the mainland indigenous Australians and during your visit you can see a recreated traditional Torres Strait Island village. read the rest of the article on Capricorn Coast.

Visit Great Keppell Island for a day, even stay a couple of days to experience Australia 's true resort island life. Great Keppell is known for fun, fun, and more fun.

On the Capricorn Coast you can relax on one of 20 beaches, often many are totally secluded so take a picnic to enjoy while you are there. Yeppoon's main beach and Five Rocks Beach are a surfer's haven, and also excellent fishing spots to catch your dinner. Then there are the quiet protected waters of Lamamermoor beach where all the family can relax and have fun.

Take a walk through the bush of the Capricorn Coast National Park where you may encounter some Australian native animals. There area has 22 ha of wetlands to explore, two golf courses and two large freshwater swimming pools. Experience dining al fresco along the coast and watch the boats at sea. There are many dinning options on the Capricorn Coast from the marina at Rosslyn Bay to the Keppell Bay Sailing Club.

The Capricorn Coast is a place for the adventure lover whether you are a natural born thrill seeker or just someone who wants to try something different. The area has it all - horse riding on the beaches, white water rafting through the rainforest, scuba diving or snorkeling around the islands, even try mustering cattle on an outback Australian cattle station. And for the ultimate thrill take a ride in a Mig Jet at speeds of up to 600 km/hr across the Capricorn Coast skies.

This is a seriously beautiful place where you can take a holiday at exactly your own pace. Whether you want to relax on a beach and enjoy the laid back tropical lifestyle, or mix it up with some excitement and adventure fossicking for thunder eggs or the thrills of the local rodeo.


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